WareHouseFoil™ vs. Bubble Foil Products

WareHouseFoil™ is a pure aluminum product that rejects 97% of radiant heat gain.


Other options for products with a radiant barrier include bubble foil products, foil-foam products and even foil with about a 1/4″ of insulation attached. Now, these other products on the market are not bad products and they do work. However, they can be misleading when it comes to how well they can perform and the results they promise (inflated r-value claims and promises of energy savings). To get the R-value that many of these products promise, you need to have a tightly sealed assembly, with about 8 inches of dead air space, sometimes more.


Now, think about your building. Is it sealed up with absolutely NO air movement? Unlikely. Usually a metal building has fans, doors, or a combination of both. What this means is simply that these products offer you little more than the radiant barrier, yet they cost significantly more than WareHouseFoil™.


WareHouseFoil™ Radiant Barrier Foil on its own will accomplish the same benefit as any and all of these products to stop radiant heat, and for a whole lot less money!


So before you believe the marketing claims by these other products, take some time to read the fine print, and consider your situation. For heat rejection, the aluminum layer is the part of both products that’s making the biggest impact and doing the work. So, more times than not, all you need is a radiant barrier between you and the roof to block heat from entering in to your non-conditioned space. When that is the case, WareHouseFoil™ is the way to go.