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48″ Wide Perforated Single Sided Radiant Barrier Foil + White Vinyl

WarehouseFoil™ Single Sided Radiant Barrier Foil + White Vinyl is our newest product. The material still reflects 97% of radiant heat from the foil side, but has the addition of a white vinyl on the second side for aesthetic purposes. The foil side still needs to face the air space (whether naturally occurring or man-made) and the white side can face the other direction.

Orders placed Monday – Friday (excluding holidays) by 4pm CST will ship the same day. DFW (Dallas/Ft Worth) area customers can arrange a pick up in Argyle, TX – more info on how to pick up an order here.

  • Heavyweight Foil 28.6 lbs per 1,000 sq ft
  • Roll size: 48″ wide by 250 ft long (per 1,000 sq ft roll)
  • Single-sided (SS) foil on one side, white vinyl on the other side
  • Perforated (breathable)

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