Moisture in Non-Conditioned Buildings

Moisture is a hot topic in non-conditioned spaces, so we understand the concern. Here are two main things to understand about moisture and metal buildings, while they might seem obvious, they are critical to understanding moisture as it applies to outdoor structures:


    • The non-conditioned building/structure is a shelter, not a living space. This means it needs to be constructed and insulated differently than a home, this also means it will regularly form condensation that you can see.


  • There is no product that is a solution to condensation forming on a vented structure, it’s the PROCESS of construction that solves this. This means that no matter what product you use, if you don’t seal the building up air tight (like a home) then it will still form condensation/moisture. Since it’s not a living space, preventing moisture is near impossible; therefore the next best thing is to allow that moisture every chance to dry quickly.


Can WareHouseFoil™ stop the moisture problems in my building/barn/shed?

Maybe. By adding a radiant barrier you can prevent the moisture from actually dropping down (ie. sweating/raining) into the building, even if the foil doesn’t actually stop condensation from forming. The foil may help the warm moist air from reaching the cold metal, which

When the building sweats and you have the perforated foil up, the droplets still form behind the foil, but instead of the water hitting your items in the middle of the building right below the roof, they will now hit the foil and roll down the foil layer to the edges of the building.

To completely stop moisture, we recommend using BlueTex™ insulation that’s made specifically to help control condensation, and radiant heat gain all in one.

Our foil / foam BlueTex™ products both eliminate moisture / condensation issues and they include a radiant barrier that will reflect radiant heat BEFORE it can enter the building and this will keep the building much cooler. All the BlueTex™ foil / foam products will also help keep heat in during colder months. The key to this process of stopping moisture is to create a new inner surface inside the building (that will stay warmer than the metal), and BlueTex™ products do just that.

BlueTex™ is a great option for both new construction AND existing buildings.


Ventilation also plays a major part in stopping condensation inside your building

It means you need to have lots of ventilation in the barn (think air moving constantly throughout). This will keep the air temps down, but most importantly it will help keep the building DRY and prevent the roof dripping or the walls “sweating.” Incorporating our foil into the roof and/or walls will help stop the heat gain, which is going to make the interior of the barn cooler (ideal is equal to ambient temp). So, get the foil on all sun-catching sides of the barn and then get as much ventilation moving through the barn as possible. This will help dilute humidity in the barn and keep it dry and the foil will keep the items under the roof cooler since they will not absorb radiant heat coming off the roof.