Case Study: Wedding Venue

A wedding venue in Southern California was struggling to keep the interior of the building cool even with 2 brand new 5-ton a/c units. The customer needed way to stop the radiant heat from coming in because the building had no shade and it would heat up fast and was unable to cool down even with the new a/c units running constantly. Because the venue is used for weddings and photography, the customer chose the Foil + White WareHouseFoil™ so her customers would be happy with the look. Type of Structure: metal-framed metal building

Install Date: August 2016

Goal: Be able to cool the venue down without burning out the A/C but maintain a pretty finish for weddings/photography use.

Install Details: The building was south-facing and in sun almost all day. It is a metal building with no other insulation and the a/c unit is inside the building, near the roof on one end.

Finish: The foil was stapled across the bottom of the purlins for a seamless look in some areas. This method resulted in a greater white area for a more professional finish. Other areas the foil was run up and over the purlins and secured by staples.

Results: The customer was shocked! They said the difference was AMAZING and that for the first time they were able to turn on the A/C and it actually lowered the building to the temperature they wanted. And quickly! They noticed this effect after just doing the ceiling alone, so they were “super happy.”