Case Study: Swap Meet/ Flea Market Building

A flea market/ swap meet building in South Carolina was looking to cut down on the summer time heat gain while still preserving the finished look of a white ceiling for a more professional look. This was a perfect us of our Foil + White WareHouseFoil™ to cut down on the heat inside and keep it looking nice for business. Type of Structure: wood-framed metal building

Install Date: July 2017

Goal: Keep the building cooler in summer for customers and vendors, but still have a nice finished look.

Install Details: The building has a corrugated metal roof on top of wood purlins. The walls are finished with drywall. The area above the foil was empty and acted as the air space to reflect heat back out of the roof.

Finish: The foil was stapled across the bottom of the purlins for a seamless look in some areas. This method resulted in a greater white area for a more professional finish. Other areas the foil was run up and over the purlins and secured by staples.

Results: Immediately the customer (and the vendors and shoppers) noticed a noticeably cooler building and the white brightened up the space nicely too!