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Case Study: Bat Habitat

This customer builds habitats for bats, and so far they have provided enough housing to shelter around five hundred thousand bats and counting.

Type of Structure: wood-framed metal building with wood trusses & studs

Install Date: July 2012

Goal: Keep habitat climate controlled for bats; stopping heat gain in summer (or sunny days) was the main goal.

Install Details: The foil was installed inside each stud cavity, with an air gap being between the exterior sheathing and the foil (this is a typical wall installation), followed by the regular r-value. The foil on the roof was placed directly on to the deck, before the trusses were put up.

Finish: The customer finished the wall cavities with insulation and covered it with plywood.

Results: The customer was very pleased with the results – the foil was making the interior of the building much cooler. On an 89 degree day (metal reading 102 degrees), the inside reading of the foil was 85-88 degrees – at ambient temperature without any air conditioning.